Some Observations on Worldly Life and Spirituality


Observe that a manure of unpleasant odour nourishes plants that bear fragrant flowers. Try to use all your negativities like a manure. Whenever you are caught up in the throes of negative waves, watch them cautiously, and you will find that these negative waves eventually break. In due course, by this practice, a transformation will take place and fragrant flowers (in the form of positivities) will bloom.




When we observe a cloudy sky, grotesque frightening figures appear to have formed in the moving clouds. While observing them further, one may find these forms gradually dispersing and beautiful new forms taking shape. Likewise, when you practice scrutinizing your consciousness, you will see, in due course, positive and pleasant ideas shaping (in place of negative ones).




Show me a site in this Universe which lacks the Divinity of Creation. Is there a span of Time which is void of the Divinity? For indeed, that Divinity has (created and) permeated the entire Time and Space in this Universe. For this reason alone there is nothing in this Universe which deserves your strong emotional acceptance or rejection. When you passionately wish to accept or reject anything, it is merely because your own Self is still narrow and constrained.




If I ask you, what is ‘silence’, and what is ‘tranquillity’, you may be able to give an eloquent speech on silence and tranquillity. But it is likely that there will be everything in your eloquence except silence and tranquillity. This is because ‘silence’ or “tranquillity” is an experience and must be perceived only by being silent or tranquil. Likewise, deep meditation is also a state of mind which must be experienced (and not merely talked about).




The influence of the company of spiritual seekers (Sat-sung) must be easily obvious (to others) during our day-to-day life and conduct. Our acts must be motivated by pure intentions. We must be able to control mixed or evil motives and start doing selfless, benevolent deeds.




Meditating on Self is a subtle scientific way of getting in touch with one’s own Self. It should not be considered redundant or aimless (or optional). It is by meditating on Self that the saints have attained sainthood, mystics mysticism and supra-humans divinity – all as the result of meditating on Self. The bliss that is then experienced is not to be gained elsewhere at any price – it is priceless.




To be alert during the state of wakefulness is called awareness. If one is alert during the state of dreams, it is called the awakened state and when one can stay awake in the state of deep sleep (which is without dreams), it is known as the state of meditative union with the Absolute.




A scene is the creator of the beholder. The beholder who is thus created is a relative witness of the scene. (Divine Creation creates both, a scene and its beholder; the two, therefore, exist in a relativistic mutuality). On the other hand, the Inner Beholder is a free and absolute witness of (the scenes of) Existence and Nonexistence. This Inner Beholder knows Itself.




The state of meditative union with the Absolute is actually a fully conscious state. The bliss of such a state is absolute, self-existent and ever-present. On the other hand, the contentment of profound natural sleep is limited and time-bound (and therefore it cannot be equated with the bliss of the meditative union with the Absolute).




When the seeker attains Self, his consciousness merges with the Cosmic Consciousness. Such a seeker then transcends both worldly and spiritual human traditions. Thereafter every tradition remains perfectly compatible with the seeker’s efforts for the betterment of the world. The details of the practice of meditation may differ in different spiritual traditions but the journey of the consciousness remains unchanged and is always inward-bound. The divine sparks of chit (chaitanya; which manifests in an individual as his consciousness) generated along this journey purify the seeker’s mind-intellect and facilitate a seeker’s progress, without contradicting the instructions decreed by his Master.



(When frustrated or defeated) you want to leave everything and run away from your Self. Why? And precisely what can you leave when everything in the Universe, including you, is created by the Supreme? How will you reach Him if you disown His Creation? And again, where will you retire when you and all around you is the same Complete Consciousness? And if you cannot visualize this divine expanse of the Infinite Creation, then understand that you have a deficient vision. You need to get your vision checked by an expert who has a better vision. And then you should ask him about spiritual discipline – ask him how you can meet your Self. You need to arouse your curiosity to know your inner Self. If you secure the grace of such an expert or Master, you will easily gain that unprejudiced sight. His grace will be a collyrium – like medication for your eyes; use this treatment to visualize your Self. This is the desire of the Saints. It is also the deepest desire of all beings – namely attaining one’s Self.




The life and work of the Saints are a stunning miracle. If we merge our consciousness into the stream of their life, we too will get connected with the cosmic consciousness and thus learn the art of living. Efforts to live this life accordingly is called the spiritual discipline.




Perceiving, in your consciousness, animate and inanimate objects around you as separate from you is a fractured dualistic state, whereas observing everything as an extension of your own Consciousness is a monistic conviction.




The only hurdle between you and the Absolute Being is your ego. The process of uprooting that ego is called (humility or) surrendering. But our ego does not allow us to surrender to some other person, be he even a Master. This difficulty is particularly felt by a fresh, junior seeker. To solve this dilemma you meditate upon your own Self and try hard to understand your Self in all Its subtleties. As you go deeper in the meditative practice, you will be able to gradually and spontaneously surrender to your own Self. And this does not at all mean you surrender to some other person. Surrender is not achieved by consciously forcing your mind to surrender but by a natural easy spontaneous way of understanding your Self. Then surrender becomes a natural attitude, like love.




The search of the Self (Supreme or Ultimate) is not like a search of a worldly article nor like a worldly achievement. It is merely a gradual transformation of your small, limited, worldly Self to an unlimited infinite spiritual Self. (This involves a gradual transformation of your worldly instincts, attitudes, expectations and prejudices.) This infinite Self is always and ever-existent and therefore stays ever-available right within you. A worldly search is possible with (limited) worldly resources. But non-worldly spiritual search can be achieved only if you expand your limited consciousness to an unlimited one. Only then you will be able to experience your Self (Supreme or Ultimate).




I wonder what are the difficulties of the seekers (who otherwise live a worldly life) in adopting the life of married householders. You need to understand that pious evolved souls do need appropriate parents to take birth. Unless such seekers become married householders, the evolved souls will not get appropriate entry into this world. How else will they gain a physical body and thus ensure the welfare of the mankind? If willing appropriate parents are in scarcity, how will such evolved souls take birth in sufficient numbers?




Entirely due to our inadequate understanding, we find everything around us limited and incomplete. It is only a matter of transforming one’s understanding. Such a transformation is facilitated in the company of spiritual seekers (Satsang). The chance of Life is a Divine extension of the Supreme and therefore Life has potential fullness.




The very act of breathing is an unconditional grace of the Supreme. This physical body through which we enjoy the facilities of life, through which we are able to worship and meditate, through which I speak and you listen- is it not an unconditional munificent grace of the Supreme !




Scriptures are like the key of a lock. Therefore, like a key, they are the means to achieve an end. A key is used to open a lock. Once the lock is opened, the whole house can be accessed and then the purpose of the key is fulfilled. But we see many people have hung the keys of their locks on their necks for ages without putting it to its purpose, which is to open the lock on the wide vista of wisdom and spirituality.




Sleep can be viewed as a non-conscious meditation and meditation, a conscious sleep. During sleep, you are non-consciously connected with the cosmic energy, whereas during meditation you are consciously connected with the cosmic energy and feel energized by it. Through meditation you , in due course, reach the state of meditative union with the Absolute, but it is quite unlikely that you will reach that state through sleep.




We must not imitate a holy person’s conduct, but rather, follow his instructions for us.




When we are steady and silent, we are able to scrutinize our mind critically. And then we discover our deficiencies and mistakes of commission and omission. Then we must try to catch hold of our inner benevolent, positive attitudes; this will result in the negative evil attitudes gradually losing their hold of us. We don’t need to fight the darkness; we just light a lamp (of positive attitudes) and the darkness (of the evil negative vices) will disappear then and there.




There are countless definitions of the Infinite Supreme. Because the Supreme is Infinite, the appropriate options to move towards It are also numerous; you may reach the Supreme through any one.




Knowledge of the Supreme is not directly attainable by an individual’s Self, because the Supreme is abstract and non-physical. When the seeker’s mind and intelligence become infinite and boundless, the Supreme illuminates the seeker’s consciousness. On that occasion we state that the ‘Enlightenment’ has taken place.




The Universe is enlightened by you’ (that is by your conscious perception). You are the light of the Universe that you perceive. The universe beyond your range of perception is of no relevance to you; indeed, for you it is non-existent.




When you enter pitch darkness, you see that darkness. This darkness is seen with the help of a light that is not from any outside source but from within you. So, the light in which you see the pitch darkness is from within You. It is the light of your Self, in other words, of You Yourself which manifests as your consciousness.




The meaning of worship is to totally discipline your consciousness in the mould of your ideal; to become that itself. Merely chanting hymns, burning frankincense, going to the temple, applying vermillion on the forehead, offering flowers, fruit or food, all these by themselves are not the end of worship. Worship means “internalizing your God”, (or your ideal). You and that ideal should not remain separate but become one.“This Oneness is worship”.




It is a very simple fact. You will find the Pearl [of Wisdom] where it belong. You may look for it in vain in the scriptures; one may search for it in vain in pilgrimages, hermitages and Masters, or seek it in vain in rituals. But if you light the candle within your darkened (worldly) consciousness, you will find that Pearl right there, within You, where It has ever stayed.




The meaning of a hermitage (Aashram) is not merely the building made of four walls of bricks. A congregation of the seekers of Truth is to be called a hermitage.




There are two meanings of the word hermitage (Aashram). The first means a place where a person labours. The word labour here means intense worship. Wherever you worship, there indeed is your hermitage. That particular room in your home where you meditate is your hermitage. The other meaning of the word hermitage is where a person takes sanctuary. You can secure the ultimate sanctuary only within your Self. Turn your home (and heart) into a hermitage. Do not turn a hermitage into your (worldly) home.




You may have observed that seekers assign a place of worship in one corner of the home; they do not regard their entire home as the place of worship. Similarly, they do not regard their entire life as an act of worship. If (in your consciousness) your entire home does not become a temple for worship and your entire life an act of worship, then there is no chance of major transformation for you (and yours).




Whatever has to be done and gained must be done and gained at this very moment, which is this ever-present moment- or else it won’t be done and gained at all. The Self is always ever-present. The Supreme is also ever-present, and when one perceives the Supreme through the Self, one does not face any problem thereafter. Then one does not suffer (worldly) grief. There then remains for him only the Bliss!

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