Meeting Baba Muktananda

Meeting with The Guru

In 1967, next day after Diwali, Mohan decided to leave for Ganeshpuri, a place near Mumbai to meet his Guru, Swami Muktanand. At the spur of the moment he could co-relate Swami Muktanand with visions he used to get for many years and could ascertain that indeed he was his ultimate Guru. He started his spiritual journey by practicing sadhana under the guidance of Baba in Ganeshpuri aashram and following Baba’s instructions for the next few years. A lot of seekers used to come to take Baba’s blessings from across the globe. Mohan was always around Baba, and therefore known and liked by most people visting the Aashram. In this way, though living in an Aashram, he was connected to the entire world. 

From Mohan to Krishna Chaitanya

After five years of his close association with Baba, in 1972, Mohan finally took the formal initiation, Deeksha, of Sanyaas and impersonated a pure white robe for his entire life time. He got his new name of “Krishna Chaitanya”. So Mohan became Krishna Chaitanya. With his new white attire, one could feel the glimpses of Sufism in his facial expression . From that time on, he completely surrendered himself to Baba and his teachings. In 1979, after completing almost 12 years of intense practice, the Sadhana ,under guidance of his guru, and with due permission from him, Krishna Chaitanya started his next journey to the Great Himalayas. During this journey he got the chance to meet Maa Aanandmayi at Haridwar and then moved to Devprayag and finally to Uttarkashi. Uttarkashi, a place which he always wished to visit since his childhood time. As soon as he reached there, he suddenly realized that he knew all surroundings there so well, and felt connected to that auspicious place. He had past life visions that he had born in the same place, where he was now, and then due to some serious illness, at the age of 40-45, he breathed his last in the lap of his mother, the same mother that he had in his present life. 

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