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1. Nityamuktanand Charitable Trust

nmctrust [at] gmail [dot] com
Objectives: To develop Universal Amity through the principles of “Paraspar Devo Bhava” To spread and manifest the preachings of great Siddhas To introspect & research ancient Siddha tradition To publish scriptures of Siddhas To organize meditation retreat

2. Guruom Creations

guruomcreations [at] gmail [dot] com
Objectives: Creation of Books & CDs Distribution of Books & CDs


Shri Saurabh Ponkshe
Mobile: +91-9225622133

Shri Amey Gat
Mobile: +91-9766135859


Smt. Chandraben Shah
Sweet Memories High School Rui Ghar, Panchgani-412805 [Maharasthra] Cell: +91 9422603715, +91- 8007358777

Bharat Purohit
Enflied Society, Panchgani, Email:
Cell: 09423033811


Shri Saurabh Ponkshe
C/o Shri Vinayak Ghaisas
816/A Ushakal Apartments, IInd Floor Near Naagnath Paar, Sadaashiv Peth Pune-411030 [Mahrashtra] India
Mobile: +91-9225622133


Swami Muktanand Mandir
Muktanand Niwas, Yashwant Nagar Sangli-416 416 [Maharashtra] India
Landline: +91 233-2311842


Shri Satish Kumar
H. No. 316, Block no. 15, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi-110 003, India

Shri Sharad Shrivastav
Block No. 12, Flat No. 240, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi [INDIA]

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साल 2019 का शिविर समयपत्रिका यहाँ पाए - नित्यमुक्तानंद चैरिटेबल ट्रस्ट

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