Shivir 2018

Krishna Janamasthami Utsav
DATE From: 02-09-2018 Arrival Time: 02-09-2018, Before 2PM to 4PM
  To: 03-09-2018 Departure: 03-09-2018, After 1PM
PLACE “Nityamukta Sai” Near Prakruti health care center, Yevteshwar , Satara – Kas Plateau Road, 7 km from Satara  
CONTACT  1. Baban Shelke Anna +91 9527797979
  2. Ravindra Jankar +91 9423044979
  3. Bharat Bhai Purohit +91 9693939699


DATE From: 26-07-2018 Arrival Time: 25-07-2018, Before 5PM
  To: 27-07-2018 Departure: 27-07-2018, After 13:00Hours
PLACE Sweet Memories High School, Panchgani, Maharashtra, India  
CONTACT 1. Smt. Chandraben Shaha +91 9422603715
  2. Shri Bharat Purohit +91 9423033811

Notice / Information

Important Note:

This is to inform all Sadhakas our year ending and New Year shibir is Cancelled

Our Holi Shibir will be held from 15th March to 19 March at Vrindavan.
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