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sai kakaIn India, there has been a long tradition of Sufis and Saints who don’t belong to one particular religion or sect, yet they have been lovingly accepted and embraced by one and all. Sai Kaka belongs to that tradition. A great blend of Sufi style and Saintly glory who works tirelessly and patiently to nurture India’s rich spiritual tradition, much like a prayer lamp that burns in the temple of existence and inspires others to light the lamp within.

A usual prayer ritual involves a priest lighting a lamp and offering prayers in the temple. There is yet another kind of prayer where a person lights the light inside and is enlightened by his own self realization, thus turns his life into a living prayer. Sai Kaka believes in the latter approach. By becoming a glowing lamp of awareness, he lights everyone who comes in his contact. Anyone and everyone who comes in his contact is a blessed soul, for he enters a new realm and the very meaning of life and its existence undergoes a fundamental change.

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